• Second keynote and final program are online.
  • Accepted papers and a draft of the program are online.
  • The submission deadline has been extended to November 21, 2010.
  • A small selection of best papers will be recommended for inclusion in a special issue of Information Systems dedicated to this workshop.
  • We are happy to announce Peter Buneman as our keynote speaker.
  • The 1st Dali 2011 workshop was accepted to be held at ICDE 2011 in Hannover.

Data Lifecycle

Data lifecycle management has become an increasingly important and interesting topic in data management. Solutions to adapt to the changing requirements on data access, storage and cost throughout the lifecycle of data are relevant for many areas, including scientific databases, digital libraries, or enterprise data.
The workshop on Managing Data Throughout its Lifecycle (DaLi) focuses on discussing various issues arising when looking at data lifecycle in its integrity and automating, accelerating, and securing the process.

[...] business imperatives like regulatory compliance and rapid response to changing business conditions raise the need to address data lifecycle issues such as data provenance, schema evolution, and versioning.

(Claremont Report 2008)

Workshop Chairs

  • Carlo A. Curino, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, curino -at-
  • Melanie Herschel, University of Tubingen, Germany, melanie.herschel -at
  • Paolo Papotti, Università Roma Tre, Italy, papotti -at-

Why Dali?

Salvador Dali gave direct contributions in all the aspects of art: painting, sculpture, theatre, fashion, photography, and so on.